RA application

The Resident Assistant positions will assist the Residence operations by creating and fostering a positive community environment through programming and maintaining Residence regulations. Each Resident Assistant is responsible for either a wing in Centennial Village or a group of units in the College Court Townhouses.

Major Responsibilities


  • Responsible for organizing and implementing a variety of social, recreational, cultural and educational programs designed to foster a positive Residence Life community.
  • Introduces Random Acts of Kindness and Acts of Celebration to the Residence community.
  • Responsible for creative advertising and marketing of the various programs and events.
  • Fostering an environment conducive to personal and academic success within the Residences.
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations after the completion of each program.

Policy Enforcer

  • Informs tenants and guests of the Residence Behavioural Standards.
  • Enforces policies according to established Residence procedures and in partnership with Campus Security.
  • Regular and effective communication with Campus Security and the Residence Life Coordinator.
  • Provides detailed documentation of any incidents or issues in Residence.
  • Be “On Duty” on a rotating schedule. When “On Duty”, must remain on campus.

Team Member

  • Participates in all required training activities.
  • Attends and fully participates in all R.A. meetings.
  • Regularly communicates with the Residence Life Coordinator as well as the other Resident Assistants.
  • Supports other Resident Assistants when handling disciplinary situations.
  • Supports other Resident Assistants with their programming efforts.

Peer Counsellor

  • Develops relationships with the tenants in their specific wing or assigned townhouse units.
  • Mediates roommate or neighbor interpersonal conflicts.
  • Responds to personal and medical situation.
  • Refers students to the appropriate college or community resources.
  • Sets a high standard of conduct for other students to follow.
  • Maintains total confidentiality.


  • Assists the Residence operation by conducting housekeeping checks, disseminating information, and doing after office hours check-ins.
  • Communicating maintenance and cleaning work orders to the Residence Office.
  • While “On Call”, respond to requests, issues, or emergency situations. Provide general supervision of the Residences.
  • Assists with evacuations or emergency situations in Residence.
  • Provide input and represents the tenants’ opinions on Residence issues.
  • Acts as a liaison between the students in Residence and Residence Administration.
  • Positively promoting the Residences to current and prospective students.

Performance Criteria

  • Positive relationships with tenants and co-workers
  • Effective problem solving
  • Meeting or exceeding programming targets
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of the Residence Life team
  • Regular and effective communication with the Residence Life Coordinator

An RA reports directly to the Residence Life Coordinator and is expected to maintain appropriate interactions with:

  • Tenants in Residence
  • Other Resident Assistants
  • Residence Manager
  • Residence Administrative Coordinator
  • Residence Administrative Assistant
  • Residence Cleaning and Maintenance Personnel
  • College Security
  • Guests in Residence
  • Prospective Students