This year we are excited to introduce Academic Villages into our Residence Life.  Centennial Village will be divided up according to areas of program study.  (Refer above to the list below to see village names and their applicable program.) So, for example, if you are a Broncos Athlete taking the Meat Processing program and are 25 years of age you could choose to either live in: Athletes Village (Broncos), the PorterHouse (meat processing) or Olds Hall (mature students).    Each village will also have a Village Resident Assistant to be a resource for you and to plan fun events for your village!

Brewmaster & Meat Processing |  PorterHouse

Horticulture, Turf & Landscape Programs | The Green House

Equine Science Programs | The Stables

Business, Hospitality & Tourism & Open Studies | The District

Land Agent, Land Reclamation &  Land and Water Programs | The Field House

Agricultural Programs | Aggies Hall 

Animal Health Technology, Veterinary Technical Assistant, Veterinary Medical Receptionist Programs | Animal House

Broncos Athletes | Athletes Village

Mature Students | Olds Hall

TEP Program ILC | Independent Living Centre

Apprentices (> 12 Week Programs) | Trades Alley