About College Housing (Olds) Co.

Building your campus community

Every college or university has a unique campus, and unique student needs. A residency facility should be tailored specifically to the institution campus and student body, with the epitome of comfort, style, and usability in mind.

College Housing

With a lack of grant money for colleges and universities, educational institutions need to ensure their student housing projects are efficient, effective, and have the longevity to continue meeting student needs well into the future. By partnering with CHOC, post secondary institutions will be able to allocate their resources toward educating students, trusting CHOC to manage the design, building, financing and operation of their campus housing.

We also pride ourselves on building strong residence life programs with extensive activity schedules to meet a wide array of student interests, generating an inclusive and positive experience for students staying in residency.

If you are interested in having CHOC on your campus, please contact Tanya Kure, Vice President at [email protected].

About the Centennial Village design

This building was designed from the "inside out". We started with the student's living space and worked outwards, focusing on the student experience. How will the student function within their personal space, and then what will they experience when they exit that space?

When the student leaves their room, we wanted to ensure students were encouraged to interact with each other to make the most of their college experience. For this reason, we included social spaces down every hallway as well as social areas that must be passed through the entrance to the building. We created a number of social spaces to generate an inclusive environment for private and group study and socialization.

During the design of Olds College Centennial Village project, we made a point to meet with students on campus to determine design elements that would specifically benefit them and their programs of study. As a result, boot rooms were integrated into the building design for when students return to the residence from the barns or heavy equipment facilities. This way they can clean and store their personal heavily soiled gear and not have to dirty personal living spaces.

Centennial Village design
CHOC Community Building