Make living on campus part of your story

Living on campus is not only better for your education it’s more FUN than living anywhere else.

Living on campus has been a great experience for me. I love being so close to my classmates and friends. The activities that the Residents Assistants organize are a lot of fun and I think it’s great how tight the student community is here.

I was confident in my decision to live in CHOC after I saw the building in person for the first time. I was immediately impressed by how nice and high-quality the residence is. It's also great to live on campus so it takes no time at all to get to and from my classes (which means I can sleep in).

Both my parents and I wanted me to live on campus; since I was moving so far from home, it provided me the opportunities to make connections and get involved. Being surrounded by your peers, you get to know your classmates really well and you’re able to form deeper connections with the people around you.

I’m from Ontario so finding a place in Olds would have been a hassle. Living on campus is so much easier. Plus I won’t be living on KD and ramen (my mom is happy about that).

Being in the Animal Health Technologist program requires me to do surgery for extended periods of time. Living on campus means I don’t have to worry about getting home after dark.

I looked into living on campus because I had a friend who lived here, she loved the community, the friends she made, and the programs the RAs put on. Being in the townhouses, it’s really cool seeing people gather at a house and then be able to go out to the courtyard to hang out and play games.

I decided to live in CHOC because it would give me an opportunity to make friends and participate in school activities. The fact that all my friends live on campus means I get to visit them every day to eat breakfast, walk to class, or just catch up together.

Staying in campus housing, you learn what it’s like to live with other people, it helps you grow as a person, be more confident in who you are, and help you start to understand the world. I knew it’d be easier to adjust to the college life and atmosphere if I lived on campus.

I was surprised at how many opportunities there were for fun things to do. If I wasn’t living on campus, I probably wouldn’t have joined intramurals and ended up playing on teams with people on my floor. We had so much fun. I thought it was cool that residence has things like Anime nights and Dog therapy.

I decided to live on campus because I didn’t know anyone moving here - I wanted to make new friends. Living at CHOC is unreal, there’s always fun stuff going on in the lobby so you have tons of opportunities to connect with new people. I’m in the Brewmaster program and I’m close to my classmates, so we’re able to work on projects together and use the on-campus BrewLab.

My room is awesome, it’s spacious, quiet, and I have my own bathroom with a shower. I love living on campus because I’m so close to my classmates and friends, but sometimes I need to take a break and be alone to decompress. CHOC gives me the best of both worlds.

Living on campus is like living at your parents’ house, with freedom, but still the safety of living at home. A huge advantage of living on campus that I’ve noticed is being able to get to class even when there is bad weather or roads. The weather here is harsh and I don’t want to be outdoors any more than needed, so being right outside my classes minimizes that.

As a parent you want the very best

We are committed to providing safe and fun campus housing that allows students to live and learn alongside their peers in a supportive environment.

Student Success icon

Student Success

Students who live on campus attend more lectures, have a more supportive learning environment, and achieve a higher grade point average.

Furnished Rooms icon

Furnished Rooms

All students receive furnished accommodations. Each room features a double bed, desk, and closet. Students are encouraged to bring items from home to personalize their space.

No Driving Time icon

No Driving Time

Campus Housing is a short walk from most of the campus facilities, including classrooms, the library, the Ralph Klein Centre gym, the campus eateries, and the sports fields.

Fast Internet icon

Fast Internet

We provide students with quality, high speed wireless internet. All internet is run on O-Net Fiber wireless network.

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Students won’t have to worry about the stress of unpredictable bills. Living on campus is the first step towards independence, with all bills, such as power, water, heat, and internet included in the resident fees.

Campus Safety icon

Campus Safety

We are committed to the safety of all students, staff and guests while on campus. Olds College and Campus Housing work together to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students.

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Students who live on campus are more likely to engage with local community events and campus social events. They become part of a diverse community and build friendships that go beyond the classroom.

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Money Matters

Our fees include rent, power, heat, water and internet so students can focus on studying without having to worry about unexpected costs of living. With inclusive fees we make it easy for students to transition from living at home into independent living. For more information on fees see the Centennial Village and College Courts pages.

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Living on campus allows students to network with peers in a way that living off campus does not. Students make friends for life and learn how to build good working relationships with their classmates.

Campus Safety icon

Campus Safety

Safety is important to us. Parents are encouraged to download the Olds College emergency app, called OC Emergency. This app will alert students and parent s of an on-campus emergencies and explain to students the immediate course of action until the emergency has been resolved.

Health and Wellness icon

Health and Wellness

Students have access to the on campus health and wellness facilities for all their physical and mental health concerns. Students are encouraged to access the free on campus counselling if they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Become part of the Olds College Campus family

Moving away from home doesn't need to be daunting. Joining a residence means becoming part of a big family, one that will celebrate your successes, and provide support in the hard times.

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Student Success
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No Commuting
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Individual Rooms
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Campus Safety
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Accessible Facilities

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