Student Job: Resident Assistants for 2020/21 Term

The Resident Assistant positions will assist the Residence operations by creating and fostering a positive community environment through programming and maintaining Residence regulations. Each Resident Assistant is responsible for either a village in Centennial Village or a group of units in the College Court Townhouses.

Not sure what to expect?  Here are what a few of our RAs had to say about their experience:

“Being an RA means being social and being open to others. Becoming an RA really helped me gain new friends and meet lots of great people. This job also helped me step out of my comfort zone and put on and attend cool events.”

“Being an RA has meant getting out more with a group of people with the same goal in mind of creating a better place to live on campus. Being an RA is about gaining connections and learning about where your strengths are within yourself.”

“Being an RA over the past two years has been an amazing experience and a great way to get some experience working. For me being an RA was a great way to be part of something during my time at College.”

Resident Assistant Position Description

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